My name is Livia Oliveira Alencar, I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I studied at the School of Santa Marcelina and later started a career on medicine, but art and painting finally drove me to another direction.

With my acrylic pastel and oil drawings and paintings, I was fortunate to be chosen to study with grandmaster Antonio Lopez in several summer courses. I also studied at Saint Martin’s School in London, and Brazilian painter Silvio Baptista introduced me to abstract painting.

I’ve always liked playing with strong colors, mixed materials and testing with new techniques. Over the years I have exhibited my work in several different countries.

I paint what I feel, and try to transmit to the viewer what I have inside of myself: vibrant colors, light and joy. I have proudly received many kind words, dedicated by recognized art critics all over the world.


Livia Oliveira Alencar was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and has spend her life in different countries, her native  Brazil, England, France and many years in our country, Spain.

Her innate relationship with art led her to find painting and more specifically with the lights, colors and human expressions as she interpret beautifully in the figurative style. Her work is well known, because success has accompanied her in each of the many exhibitions she has done. Her paintings enrich many private collections in America and Europe.

From living and mingling with people, she has been able to capture the expression our human eyes gives us, both magical and real, in each of the traces in which she paints amazing faces and eternal sights.

L. Javier Zurdo (Madrid)


Painting is line, shape, color, texture and composition. Livia Oliveira’s work, somewhere between figurative and abstract, is defined by an iconography characteristic of figurative and intense chromatic abstraction. Oil or acrylic, pigment paints, creating a new world within the rich art scene.

The author unfolds with equal mastery in the large and small format. Her paintings are aware of the compositional balance. All in all a well done composition. Art as beauty and communication. Art, which is first image, then thinking and finally theory.

Julia Sáez-Angulo
International Association of Art Critics


The works of Livia Oliveira Alencar are mirrors which reflects her way of life. Happiness and optimism are well expressed in her paintings, passing through its abstract, the force within.

The colorful pictures, merge reality with a vision of the environment, playing with space and translating it into concrete canvas idea. The delicacy of her style, envelops the viewer in a fantasy that produces a visual sensation of a thousand fragrances.

Through her artist eyes Livia discovers what goes unnoticed to many of us, captures light, colors and senses, and combines space admirably. Her realistic works, surround us, praising looks and gestures in a portrait. Through her brushes, Livia captures the soul of the character and the strength in his face, casting a spell that transmits sensations of life.

Each of her paintings is a coveted conquest, in which nothing has been left to the whims of chance. A message the artist uses to take us through the adventure of her life!

Ángela Martínez Rodríguez
Art critic, President of Cultural Group 7 Islands Tenerife




Las obras de Livia Oliveira Alencar son un espejo donde se refleja su manera de ver la vida. Su alegría y optimismo queda bien plasmado en sus lienzos, transmitiendo a través de sus abstractos, la fuerza que lleva dentro. 

El colorido de sus cuadros, fusiona la realidad con la visión del entorno, jugando con el espacio y plasmando en el lienzo la idea concreta. La delicadeza de su estilo, envuelve al espectador en un hábito de fantasia que produce la sensacion de mil fragancias visuales. 

A través de sus ojos de artista, Livia descubre lo que a muchos nos pasa desapercibidos, capta la luz, intuye los colores y combina el espacio de una manera admirable. Sus obras realistas, nos envuelven, alabando las miradas y gestos del retrato. A través de sus pinceles, Livia capta el alma del personaje y la fuerza expresiva de sus rostros, provocando un hechizo que transmite sensaciones de vida. 

Cada uno de sus cuadros es una ansiada conquista, en la que nada ha sido abandonado al capricho del azar. ¡Un mensaje que hace que el artista nos traslade por la aventura de su vida! 

Ángela Martínez Rodríguez
Critica de arte, Presidente del Colectivo Cultural 7 Islas de Tenerife

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